July 28th, 2003


Sorry jdc

My mum has claimed me for the bank holiday weekend, so I shalln't be joining you for the cycling, or able to provide crash space. I hope someone else can offer you space anyway. I think this means August is as follows

- Saturday 2nd: Chris's poolwarming II (Oxford) or Kirsten's party (Cambridge)
- Friday 8th: B-movie (London)
- Saturday 9th: Christi's birthday party (Cambridge)
- Saturday 16th: Emma's hen afternoon/night (London)
- Sunday 17th: Smallclanger's tatmeet (Oxford) (details to be confirmed after Tuesday this week *fingers crossed*)
- long weekend of 23rd/24th/25th: Home to visit parents and sisters (Mirfield)
- Saturday 31st: fanf's birthday party (Cambridge)

Phew! Perhaps I could try cycling to Northampton one Sunday maybe. Can't be too far can it? Or maybe go to Norwich and visit Noodles. Or Tom's idea of Sunday lunch in Newmarket, though he's in the wrong hemisphere now. And hopefully once rjk's doom has settled he can work out which week might be best to take as holiday so we can actually have a break!

Kitty can you do crash space for B-movie? Or should rjk and I try one of the halves of Hotel Bermondsey? Or mbm?
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