July 25th, 2003




- work going well, script nearly done, just one feature to add, some web stuff put into use
- nice lunch at tatties
- fun shopping in town
- found diet irn bru
- lovely dress arrived in post this morning, and should fit perfectly once weight is lost. Only order from states on Monday, well impressed


- haven't fixed mudguard, hence damp bottom this morning
- irn bru exploded and got all over my keyboard, which seems to have just about survived thankfully
- still very tired
- need to work late to make up for the short day yesterday
- Tatties don't take plastic any more, mildly embarrassing to have to go find a cash machine after making your order


- my raincoat. oh well, a necessary evil

Other things wot I did on my lunch break

Got my ear pierced again, since Claire's finally had a person free to do it (third time lucky). Cartilege piercing this time, top of my right ear, that being the one currently only with one hole in the lobe, the other has three. A strange sort of pleasing asymetry about it. Only I have discovered I cannot lie on my right hand side. Oh well, I'm sure it'll heal enough soon. And I suppose there's another pleasing asymetry with the pain in my left little finger and right little toe too.

Rather upsetting conversation before dinner, when rjk reminded me I really do need to think of an MSc dissertation project. I just feel so useless though, and to be beginning to cope with actually doing something useful at work for the first time in ages only to be reminded that really I'm not coping that well overall was a bit devastating. Still it needed saying. Oh well, at least having work being an achievement is an improvement on the days when it felt like I was doing well just to get out of bed and eat, or do housework. Got to keep reminding myself of that.

An hour with Harry Potter and a nice conversation over dinner (philosophy, gutter humour, silly word games, and plans for subverting the chairman's game) and indeed a nice dinner itself (carbonara again) have made me feel much better. You get knocked down, you get back up again, and so it goes.
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So that's where everyone gets their cute goth icons from then is it?


Mine edited to be wearing *my* New Rocks and corset with purple flames on, though they don't show up so well now I reduced it even more. Oh and to have the right colour hair (it was easier to pick a close style and change the colour than to pick a close colour and change the style). Perhaps I should tweak it some more at some point, but it'll do for now.
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