July 16th, 2003


Well, I can still punt

And more or less in a straight line at that *and* turn the punt round on purpose without hitting the bank, so who cares if it's really slow right? I mean I even remembered things like to *drop* the pole instead of lowering it, and to give it a twist if it's trying to get stuck in the mud. Watched one other punt lose their pole: least they had the sense to let go rather than falling in, though in this weather that might have been quite pleasant. It's glorious out there.

Lovely way to spend the evening, especially with dinner out beforehand, pimms and lemonade during, nice company, and a drink in the Anchor afterwards, with a surprisingly rock oriented selection of music which was cool. We should do it more often. And Mobbsy: I still owe you some cash.

Mmmmm music

I like just grabbing a big handful of CDs on the way into work, and then just playing them in whatever order grabs me. Today so far I have:

Del Amitri Change Everything
Counting Crows This Desert Life
The Pogues If I should fall from grace with god
Nirvana Nevermind
Avril Lavigne Let go
Preacher Boy & the Natural Blues

And the last doesn't seem to skip on my CD player at work either, cool! (The rest of the pile has Garbage, Pulp, Eagle-Eye Cherry and Bonnie Raitt, don't think I've time for all of them though).


Early mornings: Ick, though I'd slept better than previous nights.

Work: Good. Made progress on looking at LDAP stuff, if not as much as I'd hoped, discovered useful program colleague has already written on similar lines which will definitely help, did some more virus chasing, still bemused at sudden drop in number of incidences of Sobig, I suspect another mutation but dammit we need examples in order to be able to block them, more filters written and installed anyway.

Swimming: Wasn't really in the mood, pottered a bit, and watched people diving, but was glad when rjk wanted to get out. Enjoyed the rainstorm beforehand: not so much for the cooling effect on the weather as for the drenching at the time, feels good especially when you're feeling a bit bleak.

Pub: 3 SGO teams in the quiz, and one team populated with people known to the SGO too. We (The Red Team) beat Playing to Lose by one point but were two or three points behind The Fan Club, and 8 points behind the winners. Did best on the pop and weirdo-job-title rounds, badly on the sport and cities, and even worse in the TV comedy, although we had a lucky guess in the latter. It was only the pop round where I was any good at all mind, so just as well for rjk and dan. Drank cider and beer and a tequila sunrise that surprised me by arriving with straws and an umbrella, yay! And had a play with the poi in the carpark too. Mobbsy commented it's looking a lot better than it was under a week ago, so that's cool.

Feelings: Trying to work out what's going on in my head. Things keep turning incoherent, and while I'm better just not thinking about stuff I can't keep it at bay all the time. That's a week gone now. More or less 2 months since things first turned sour, only 4 since we first kissed and under 6 since we first met. How long til it doesn't hurt? And do I even want it to stop if that means letting go inside as well? There's other stuff too, only partially related if at all. And I do just feel like I don't want to get up tomorrow: don't want to go to work, don't want to go to class, don't want to go to the pub afterwards. I know it's just stupid though. And the rain and the company helps.
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