July 15th, 2003


What I want

To be less completely shattered
To just go sleep in the shade outside for a bit
To have some motivation to actually do some work and have it last more than 24 hours
To own a magic wand I could use to make everyone better
To be able to eat what I want and stay thin
Or to not want to eat quite so many things that I shouldn't have so much of
Or failing that to have the willpower to eat sensibly despite wanting chocolate/crisps/etc all the time
To mail you and tell you I miss you
To not feel guilty for wanting to do that
To be able to love without it hurting, or to be able to turn it off
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Another friend

Oh and mstevens I met at Juliet's housewarming, though I knew the name online for a while. Hi :-)

Were you really asking at Bmovie about how easy nailvarnish is to put on and remove? Comes in little bottles with a brush, just paint it on carefully, might need more than one coat. Special remover (or lab acetone) and cotton wool to remove. Putting it on is a skill one becomes better at with practice, but some people can even do it on moving trains for example. And it comes in lots of neat colours.