July 14th, 2003



Monday mornings. Ick. Especially when you didn't get much sleep the night before (hot and uncomfy and bloody flies keeping me awake). Had to get bus to station to pick up bike on way into work, which meant about 45 mins door to desk instead of my usual 20, and that's with the bus being quite fast. Can't believe I was out of the house at 8:25.

So, shattered, achy, feeling a bit down, no idea what's going on with anyone, worried about people. Just want to go home to bed really. But still hanging on to a few bits of the perkiness from the weekend, enjoying the sunshine and the lovely blue sky. And missing someone.


Let's see, in bright and early, OK run through routine stuff in the morning. Nice lunch with neko-boy, including a potter round Claire's resulting in the purchase of earrings (me) and fluffy flashing ponytail band (him). He nice. Anyway. Back to work, followed by a chat with Paul (things sound like they could be a lot worse) and another chat with Paul (this time about work). Now feel like I have some interesting things to get my teeth into. Hopefully can keep up motivation. I know I'm really crap, but there's no reason I have to keep being. Just time for the evening run of routine before home. Have to see if I can find something nice for dinner, then out for a drink in the Arts Cinema bar c 22:30 and the Animatrix at 23:00. Cool. And it's a lovely lovely day.
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