July 13th, 2003



I think M was right when she suggested more music was a good thing. Hence Bmovie on Friday and Ely Folk Festival today. I had a few bad moments here and there, but dancing til I couldn't move chased them away surprisingly well.

Was surprised to note that most of the people at the latter who were between the ages of about 14 and 30 seemed to be goths. Including four very nice people from Essex who came over to say hi because I was playing with my poi in the sun. And their poi too, some particularly long streamers were rather nice. Cool. And I'm getting better at them too, and Richard even had a go. And other Richard called me a tart. Possibly because I snogged him and then said Jan had my phone number if he wanted it. Um. Surprisingly good snog :-)

I have blisters. And sunburn. And a nearly sore throat from singing and yelling. And aching knees from dancing two nights running. And I'm shattered from too little sleep. And other than the odd bit of heartache round the edges I feel fantastic.

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Today is a day of rest anyway, for once. Maybe some housework at some point, but nothing very strenuous I suspect. It's been a great way to spend the weekend anyway. Thankfully it looks like next weekend will be a bit quieter though: I think we need a break!

Self-portrait meme

From beingjdc. Using a fairly minimalist drawing package of some sort (I used the GIMP but stuck to simple tools, originally MS Paint was suggested), and in as little time as possible (aim for around 3 mins) draw a portrait of yourself. I've made mine into an icon, but you could do it any size you like and post it behind a cut or something.