July 7th, 2003


Ely Folk Festival

Was talking about this to someone the other day, can't recall who. Possibly Tom? Anyway I mentioned we were going along on the Saturday, since Oysterband are playing. Looks like I now have a spare ticket as one of our number can't make it, so if you want to join us let me know. 20 quid. That goes for anyone else who wants to come too I guess, first come first served, but you have to be able to either join us for travel or meet us outside at a pretty precise time since I only have one invoice to swap for wristbands.

Quiet day

John suitably impressed by hair, nice to have company in the office again, minesweeper 3D is thoroughly evil, got plenty done, now running off to go swim for an hour or so and then join junklist people in the pub.