July 4th, 2003


Pleasant evening

Home from work, order food from Tesco to come tomorrow while I'm *not at work* having decided I needed the day off. Then to class to discover I'm officially 1 lb heavier, but this is 1 lb heavier than a fortnight ago, and in fact 1 lb lighter than my unofficial weight on a machine in a service station on Thursday night last week on the way to Glasto, so in fact I am still pleased. And besides, only 1 lb from the last fortnight is bloody good going anyway. Home to cook dinner and eventually joined by Jan, pto452 was poorly so she was somewhat delayed. Nice dinner and coffee, and then mad web browsing and being unable to find the wanking walrus. Some snuggling and looking at random goth sites too. Nice boots. And then somehow persuaded rjk to try my corset, I think it must actually be a 28" not a 26" since in fact I didn't even need to lace it at all, I could just hold it all the way closed and in fact slightly overlapping just with my hands, and we'd already established his waist is only 26" when he really breaths in. Bedtime now though. Was lovely evening anyway.

Quiet day

Looks like I'll be in again this evening, at least post-swimming. Kind of torn between wanting to spend some time with rjk, which I haven't done much since we got back, and feeling like actually I'd like to get out and see some other people for once this week. Saw Jan for a bit last night which was nice, but I seem to have spent a lot of this week in on my own, even if some of it was my own choice. Maybe I should have just gone to work today after all.

Oh well, next week looks busy for me at least: dougsoc in the pub on Monday, Calling/Jan on Tuesday, uk.misc lunnonm34t on Wednesday, and I am still tired, so maybe it's for the best.

This evening

August came round for a coffee after work. Only 45 mins or so together but lovely just to sit and talk and hug and not stress for a change. Wish it could be longer. Then dashed off to meet Tom and rjk at the swimming pool and had a nice swim for an hour, without apparently dyeing the water pink, which is good. Swam a few lengths, faster than I'd expected, discovered I can still do half a length entirely underwater, had more success with handstands than Tom, and generally had a good time. Coffee and a chat afterwards then home to geek for a bit, dinner, and then to the Carlton in time to catch a drink.

The SGO crowd seemed to be mostly outside so I came over to join them, and it wasn't until I popped into the loo and stuck my head in the bar to see if anyone else was around that I realised Jan and August were inside and stopped for a pleasant chat and some kisses. Brought back a hug for Sion and had time for a talk with the others as it got increasingly cold. There were some very unhappy looking people towards the end though, but I didn't think there was likely to be anything I could do to help so I came home. Now I'm fretting as to whether people are OK but will try to sleep.

Best guess for tomorrow is probably something involving B5, then pub, then party and skipping Slimelight as too tired, but we shall see.