July 3rd, 2003


Loch Fyne++

Now that is what I call lunch. 12 quid for the 2 course set menu. Mobbsy had the kippers (which looked fantastic) and I had mackerel pate on oatcakes, which was yummy. Then he had the trout, or was it the crab and I had the crab, or was it the trout? It amused the rather friendly waiter anyway. And since Mobbsy was the one getting covered in bits of his dinner I think we can work out which is which. It was a bit bigger than Irving anyway, and my trout was big enough I couldn't even finish all of it, which is unusual for me. Couldn't stay for dessert and coffee, despite being asked very nicely, as Mobbsy had to dash off for his meeting, and was running late already.

Nice to talk too, though I fear I did more than my share of rabbitting on about stuff. Feeling pretty good today though all things told. Class this evening, then dinner with Jan and then back to the grindstone of the diet I think.