June 30th, 2003



Home in one piece, 9:30am - 4pm with three longish stops, 216 miles. Full diary entry for whole weekend to follow when I am awake enough to type it up. Suffice to say despite some real heartachy bits w00t would still be an understatement.

Oh yeah, and before I forget...

On the way up 8 Stobarts to 5 Norberts (2 of the Norberts in the form of a double, spotted by rjk). On the way back 15 Norberts (6 as 3 doubles, 2 tankers, one in disguise with just the cab and a plain blue trailer) and only 5 Stobarts. Also some James Irlams on the way up and about 6 or so on the way back, no sign of Preston of Potto though.

Erm, I seem to have turned into a truck spotter.


I wish he'd just say something. Shouldn't send people wibbly mails when they're just back from a long and busy w/e. Probably just crashed out. But I'm just scared of what the reply will be and jumping at every spam that arrives. Should go to bed and try to forget about it. Need the sleep anyway, and hopefully it will all feel better in the morning. A bath certainly helped with other aspects of leftover grimness from the weekend anyway :-)
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