June 18th, 2003


back on the horse

Had to be in the office by 9:30 today, and realised as I was leaving the house that I'd be pushing it if I took the bus, so decided to get back on the funny steel horse. Managed to get it so the front wheel wasn't rubbing and then pottered in gently in first gear all the way, without incident. It was actually a surprisingly pleasant ride, and I don't seem to ache too much for it either.

At lunchtime I'm going to take it over to Drakes and get it fettled. Check the front wheel out thoroughly: I won't be surprised if it's a bit buckled, but hopefully not too badly to need replacing. Check the gears out thoroughly and probably replace the rear derailleur. Thinking about maybe getting them to put a slightly longer seatpost on it too while it's there: it's an upgrade I've been meaning to do for a while, and it would be good incentive to make sure I don't stop riding. And just a general check out all over for any unseen damage. Plus new plastic grips for the handlebars since I've rather managled the end of the left one.

Eddie Izzard

I've just bought two tickets for Eddie Izzard's Wembley show on Tuesday 23rd December. I'd have gone for the Monday like sphyg but they seem to have sold out, or at least Ticketmaster didn't have any more. I'm assuming Richard will want to come with me, if it turns out he doesn't I'll sell his on to someone else. Anyone else thinking of going should probably book quickly though. I've no idea how easy it will be to get anything close, but FYI:

Seating Information:


Feeling down this afternoon, perhaps just a day which hasn't been too productive, coupled with the general run-downness from the bump. Might also be a side effect of forgetting today's pill. All very well having a cron job to remind me but today was one of those exceedingly rare occasions when I didn't read my mail before going to work. Anyway, off home now, Tesco shopping to sort out should make me feel a bit more useful and I can curl up with a book or something.