June 13th, 2003



Thanks for the good wishes all. As I've said elsewhere I do seem to be in more less one, slightly leaking, piece, and very much thankful for it. It's nasty but it could have been oh so much worse. Ibuprofen and bed now, and an appointmetn with the nurse at 8:30 tomorrow, for a tetanus jab at the very least. I don't half sting at the moment, grazes are really horrid things, but we'll see how I feel overall tomorrow.

Ouch, on so many levels.

Finger broken, got to go back to hand clinic on Tuesday morning and keep it strapped up til then. Given driving testis on Wednesday morning I've had to cancel it, because I can't drive. No chance of getting money back. No possibility of another test before August, when my theory runs out. Feel like whole attempt to learn to drive has been a complete and utter waste of money, and not even just my money at that since much of it was a gift in BSM vouchers.

Didn't get to reschedule lunch with August because I was stuck in addies and he was busy anyway. I think I probably hurt too much to do B-movie tonight.

What a mess.