June 12th, 2003



Sometimes when there are minor bugs with your bike you relly ought to fix them. Very occasionally, when changing up a gear, the rear derailleur on my bike fails to take up the slack of the chain, and hence the chain falls off the front chainring. Usually this is just a nuisance.

Today however as I headed off for lunch, going at about 15mph or so as I changed up from 2nd to 3rd on East Rd, heading towards the roundabout, the chain slipped in this way and *something* happened, my foot jolted as there was no longer any resistance to it, and me and the bike pancaked all over the road. Thankfully there was no-one driving behind me. But somehow in the process my right ankle managed to impale itself on the front chainring, resulting in an impressive amount of blood.

Two very nice ladies stopped and checked I was OK, helped pick me and the bike off the road, and walked me and wheeled the bike over to the doctor's practice on Newmarket Rd where the nurse patched me up somewhat and I got a taxi home (leaving my bike chained up to nearby railings). Other than the pair of holes in my ankle all the damage seems to be fairly superficial though, especially after a long soak in the bath to clean up. My left little finger is very stiff, and I have grazes right up both arms and legs and on my chin, and I ache.

August popped over (since it was him I was supposed to be having lunch with, and he only works round the corner) and made me coffee with brandy in, which was utterly vile, and I seem to have stopped shaking now, but I'm certainly in no fit state to go back to work. Will try work from home tomorrow I think, as I suspect I'll be very stiff. No idea if I'll still be up to going to london though. Mostly I just feel horribly embarrassed. And I don't think my phone's very well, it keeps giving card errors. Am still going to limp to class tonight, E-J has said she can give me a lift. Dunno about the pub! Suppose she's going back that direction and I can always get another taxi home. Nurse recommended going to my own practice and getting a tetanus jab sorted, since the last one I remember having was at school. Must organise that tomorrow.

Must rescue the bike at some point too, and the first thing I will be doing will be getting Drakes to check over the gears etc and probably replace the rear derailleur, and make sure I haven't damaged anything else in the fall, oh and buy a new front light, since mine got driven over by several people before I could rescue it and it's in several pieces: was only worth rescuing at all for the batteries.