June 11th, 2003



Finally talked to Richard on Monday night after we'd gone to bed. And as expected it wasn't exactly much fun, and I wish I could make it easier for him. We'll see how things go anyway, but hopefully it will get better with time.

Popped into town yesterday morning to go into Fopp and get them to actually replace the CD they'd actually sold me on Monday with the one they and I both thought they had sold me. (They'd put another album by the same artist in the case by mistake). Driving lesson at lunchtime, which was mostly OK for the first half, and the manoeuvres were fine, but then my clutch control just went completely to pot and I lurched around like a complete beginner for the rest of the lesson. Very odd. Hopefully I will be better again on my next lesson on Monday. Doctor's appt late in the afternoon and he's agreed I can start reducing the dose of ADs I'm taking: recommends taking them Mon/Wed/Fri for a couple of weeks then if that's OK dropping down to Mon/Thu for a bit then cutting them out altogether. Obviously I've set up a cron job to remind me on the right days.

Jan came round for dinner in the evening, and a rather experimental fish pie with cheesy breadcrumb topping was nice. Then we sat and peered at photos for a bit and giggled at http://www.loversguides.com. If they don't want us as models we might try seeing if they need proof readers though, there are some appalling errors in it. Picked some of the photos out to be a portfolio, so I'll have to see about webbing them in a suitably protected way in the next few days, so we can show them to just potential clients. It was very silly anyway. And then we got dressed up and went out to the Calling for a bit. Didn't stay very late, but enjoyed people watching, and Jan got to be bemused by just how much of a Sad Old Goth I am for being able to sing along to all the words of This Corrosion. They didn't play an awful lot we really felt like dancing to to be honest, or we might have stayed later. Left just before 1 (we're obviously GMT Cinderellas).

Picked up Glasto tickets from the post office depot this morning on the way into work, glad they're safely here. And very shiny they are too. *poing*. Hope to get plenty of work done today since yesterday was a bit short, and then maybe make it along to RRWs BBQ this evening. Have decided I really need to go back to slimming class tomorrow, will pay in advance for 10 weeks, since I think it's going to take me at least that long to get back to where I was. Now a stone heavier than when I hit target and this is just getting silly. Still finding it hard work though to even try and stick to eating sensibly.