June 9th, 2003



Tonight: shopping, lawn mowing, probably awkward but necessary conversation.
Tuesday: date with Jan, dinner then the Calling maybe?
Wednesday: quiet night in?
Thursday: usual pub trip.
Friday: B-movie, crash at Marna's.
Saturday afternoon: bofh cyclists meet, Regent's Park.
Saturday evening: The Veizla, and aftermath presumably.

It mostly sounds like fun, but ... I dunno. Wish I knew if things were going to be sorted out, and how soon. And despite occasional good starts still doing really badly on the diet/not spending/work fronts.


Well, I mowed the lawn, and Richard did the shopping, and we had a rather nice if unseasonable dinner of sausage and mash and onion gravy, and we've sat and geeked a bit, and I've caught up on mail to a couple of people and caught up with news and lj and... Not talked about stuff yet though. And now I need a shower and bed. *sigh*