June 6th, 2003



That's the overwhelming thing I feel right now. Must get to bed.

Very pleasant evening at the Castle anyway, despite spending some of it feeling a little out of it. Nice to sit in the garden earlier on while it was warmer, and then good fun back inside upstairs, though it got a little loud. Glad to see Kate so relaxed, even if not quite enough to let us have Nigel's number so we could send him daft text messages. Sad to see Pete feeling so down, wish I could have helped more there. And lovely lovely to see Diana being more back herself. Had a nice chat with Fanf too: sorry if it was a bit one-sided in places, I was definitely getting pretty dopey towards the end there.

Questions to answer from rjk tomorrow. I think he should answer the last one too in reverse :-P And some to set for Jan. Interesting. I wonder what I should ask about. In some ways it's harder with people you know really well because there's less to ask *about* in some ways.

More questions and answers

Because there don't seem to be any answers to the difficult ones. And because I need to take my mind off it. I've sent someone mail, and I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or if it would upset them too much, but I thought it needed saying. And now they've gone all quiet and I don't know if they're OK or not. And I'm worried. And it all seems horribly bad timing when other people are feeling horrid too, and if I'd known they were that bad in advance I'd probably have left it for another time. *sigh*.

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What was the question again?

That's 12 sets asked, and only 2 sets answered, so if anyone else wants to ask me some questions go ahead. I shall answer them in the comments here. I'll only set you some if you've asked me some first.

Update: Thanks, those were fun. I think I've had enough now though :-)