June 4th, 2003



Slight stress headache, or possibly just tiredness, but work is going well. Feeling pretty positive about it at the moment, hope it can last. Lunch with rjk was nice, and we've even decided which tent we're going to buy for Glasto (a 3 man one, which will give us a little extra room, for not much extra baggage, and not much extra cost). Going to see "How to lose a guy in 10 days" tonight, which looks like romantic comedy fluff but about the best of what's on at a sensible time (there are a couple of other things on at the Arts but they look too down in outlook for my mood at the moment). Should be enjoyable anyway. And then probably an early night if we can manage it.

No offence intended

But my friends list was getting silly, so I've trimmed some of the ones I rarely read. There's nothing here you won't still be able to read if you're interested enough, cos I don't bother protecting anything.

Interview with a stranger?

Interview questions from Marna. Yell if you'd like me to write 5 questions for you.

Update: OK, I think I've done my fair share of writing questions for now. If anyone else wants some they're very welcome, but should leave me 5 questions in return.

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Thanks for the questions Marna, it was lovely to think about, and interesting to see where my mind ends up if someone else is leading the way for a change.