June 2nd, 2003


Strange day

Slept bedly once again last night: combination of being too hot again, still coughing, and the thunderstorm punctuating the dozing I did manage on the sofa downstairs where it was cooler. Felt rough when I got up and was glad to have to work from home anyway to deal with the RAC, since I didn't really feel up to working. Hoped to get some more rest but they made it over by about 9:30 which scuppered that plan. Reluctant to change the motor when there wasn't anything obviously wrong until he'd spoken to Saturday's patrolman and been assured that really yes the current going to the starter motor had all been absolutely AOK and it still wouldn't start. New motor now fitted anyway and car still starts, but then it started beforehand too. No doubt it will be weeks before we find out if it's actually fixed the problem or not now.

Spent lunchtime chasing the W32/Sobig.C virus round in circles trying to stop us getting so many bounced bounces of it, and to stop our users from getting so many copies of it with the payload stripped out, since they're awfully annoying. Filters have been in since around 3:30 and have blocked vast hordes of it though, which is cool, though I don't look forward to checking the frozen messages in the morning (we prefer to freeze rather than just drop them on the floor due to false positives, bouncing is pointless when things are all forged anyway).

Nap after I'd checked that was all OK and then more work this evening. At least partly because keeping my mind on work is a good way of keeping busy, and possibly partly just because I kept running out of other stuff and being still logged onto work it was sitting there looking at me :-). Dinner round at Jan's tomorrow night which should be good. Leftover meat from the BBQ tonight I think, if we ever get round to it.