May 31st, 2003


Pleasant evening

Woke up with a hangover. At 3 am. Tried sleeping downstairs on sofa but got too cold and came back upstairs at around 6. When I woke at 6:30 and still had a headache I took some ibuprofen. So miraculously when I woke up properly at 11:30 hangover completely gone. Nifty.

Must find some lunch before I head over to Simon's for B5 this afternoon.

Sunny Saturday afternoons

... are obviously meant to be spent first in a darkened room (watching the first three episodes of B5 season 2 on Simon's shiny shiny new telly) and then later in a rather hot car in Tesco's carpark waiting for the RAC. They reckon if we give control a ring on Monday morning they'll arrange for someone to come over and fit a new starter motor under warranty, since this one is clearly duff (a gentle thump with the wrong end of a hammer in the right place got it unstuck and the car started again).

We have however now got a plan to go sit in the pub this evening, which should be nice, and lots of nice food to eat on the BBQ tomorrow. And I can't think of anything else that definitely needs doing this weekend. Nice.