May 29th, 2003


Feeling better today

Mentally and physically. Coughing less anyway. A quiet night in with Richard helped, even if we mostly didn't talk much. Hate to be up this early but driving lesson in 15 mins. Ug.


Excellent couple of hours driving lesson this morning. Out for a spin through the villages north of Cambridge for 45 mins to start with, then back along Madingley Rd, an emergency stop and a reverse round the corner at the West Cambridge Site, then back to Arbury for the usual potter round side streets, 3-point turn and parallel park. All went well, not absolutely perfect but not bad at all. Couple of places where my observation could have been better, but I also dealt well with a couple of mad obstacles (a skip lorry half blocking the road right by a pedestrian crossing, and a set of traffic lights at a bit of roadworks in Oakington which weren't actually switched on). An hour next Tue, another one the Tue after, 2 hours the following Mon and then the test on Wed 18th. It's beginning to look plausible again, which I wasn't sure of in my last lesson. Phew.

Morning spent mostly working through backlog of mail: slight chaos from the DNS problems yesterday, but nothing too drastic. Lovely lunch sitting in the sunshine on Sheep's Green. I should do that more often. Being vaguely useful this afternoon in terms of dealing with various queries to postmaster, one of our more appreciative users too. Always nice when they're so happy with the little help we can give with spam. Caroline's getting closer to a new office: the people from the workshops have been up working out what to do with the new desk they're building her (constraints of fire exit and connecting door to our office make most shop-bought desks too awkward). So she might even be in there next week if she's lucky. Not bad for a move that was considered "urgent" before Christmas. Good to be back at work instead of dwelling on stuff at home.

Might or might not pop along to cam.misc meet for a bit this evening. Looks like friends for dinner tomorrow. Oh all right, maybe we'll eat the chicken instead of the friends, but hey. Should be good anyway.

Roundabout route home

Since I came into work by car (straight rom lesson) I headed into town afterwards intending to get the bus, with the radio on and the sun shining. And it was so lovely just to walk along that I decided I might as well walk the rest of the way. Across Christs Pieces, Midsummer Common, Riverside, across Green Dragon bridge, up Greenend Rd and Kings Hedges Rd, then along Campkin Rd and the back way across the rec to Arden Road. Dunno how far that is in miles, I reckon it must be nearing 4 since it's a lot more wiggly than my 3 1/4 by bike. Took me a little over an hour. Lovely walk though, and Cerys Matthews on the radio singing live.

Time for dinner now, and then maybe a cam.misc meet, maybe not.

cam.misc meet

Was good to meet people there. The (not Reverend) Ian Cowley was very charming as before. Bought Diana a drink, as it seemed only right given I was signing paperwork for her. I do hope she finds it worthwhile to carry on. I do still think the UCL job would be a good thing, for her and for P and L. But in the end it's her decision. Oddly it didn't manage to throw a dampener on the evening, even if all I could do was hug her and wish for the best. Good to see some familiar faces, and also some not familiar ones. And big thanks to E-J for the hugs, much appreciated, but I don't want to burden you with talking about stuff if it's not your problem, you have enough people doing that already love, and several other people have offered me shoulders too. Not that I've accepted any just at the moment, for now I'm just seeing what happens.

And now to bed. Last bout of cough medecine before I go should hopefully help me sleep right through, and we'll see how I feel in the morning. coughing is definitely worse at the moment than it was.