May 25th, 2003


Beer etc

Last day of the beerfest yesterday, and we made it along late in the afternoon after a bit of a potter round town and some shopping. Spent a very pleasant afternoon sitting in the sunshine picnicing on nice food and drinking cider in my case for the most part. It was quieter than I'd thought it would be, perhaps because the beer was running out, but that at least meant it was easier to get served than it would otherwise have been. Nice to meet wechsler, I'm not sure why I was expecting him to be taller. Also lovely to meet ali_in_london and play with her banner poi. It was when antinomy pointed out it looked like skipping tricks that it suddenly all clicked and became much easier. Very very pretty things anyway.

The plan to go along to the Kambar was cancelled in the end as daneel_olivaw describes, it really did look a bit desperate and we were pretty tired by that point. Had a long chat with him while we were waiting for rjk to catch us up, think it might have been useful. Was glad to get to bed, as I seem to be coming down with rjk's cold now. Distinctly blocked up and groggy. Oh well, I don't feel too miserable with it, and hopefully it won't last as long.

Today seems to so far have been spent pottering, watered some of the plants outside since it's a couple of days since there was serious rain and they are still only settling in. Might have some lunch soon and spend the afternoon with Jane Eyre. Joint birthday party this evening to look forward to, and then back to work tomorrow if I'm well enough.

lazy sunday afternoon

Seem to have spent much of this afternoon feeling too hot, and some of it dozing. I do seem to have got a fair bit of washing done around the edges though much to my own surprise, we have lots of clean clothes again, nifty. Also read a fair bit of Jane Eyre, eaten biscuits, read news until I ran out, and replied to the last of the mail in my inbox. Thankfully it is nearly dinner time (pork and apple casserole thing, see I knew I'd do something with the apples at some point) and then time to go out and party for a bit. Might run away earlier than usual though, due to slight grottiness.