May 23rd, 2003



OK, this morning I hurt. The dancing must have finally caught up with me.

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Today as I ache all over, even worse than yesterday (although it always seems to hit me worse not the day after the event but the one after that, dunno why), but I shall potter off to work shortly anyway and no doubt I will be back at the beerfest with them again at lunchtime, and in the evening again too. Perhaps straight after work, saves cycling home. Must find time to give my mum a ring at some point.

Should I blame the booze?

Feeling mildly maudlin this afternoon, not sure why. Feeling like I'm making little progress at work, no progress with diet, not really doing *anything* at the moment, just drifting.

The talk on the radio about Eurovision is making me giggle though.

Indie nights (corrected)

Indie nights in Cambridge at the Kambar seem to be on Saturdays, alternating between:

"Alternation" (31st May, 14th June, etc) - runs from 10-2am. £3 before 11, £5 after and,

"That Indie Thing" (7th June, 21st June, etc) - APU Student Indie night. Runs from 10-2am. £2/3 with NUS, £5 without

I think I might have to give one or the other a go. Slight preference for Alternation, since a student night seems a bit offputting: I've had enough of talking to 21 yr olds who are feeling old for the present. Nothing this coming Saturday apparently, due to it being a 5 week month. Tell a lie, apparently there's an extra "That Indie Thing" on 24th May.

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