May 16th, 2003



Nice to see Diana, and especially to see her go home looking better than when she arrived. 4 pints of diet coke possibly a bad idea. Don't seem to be too buzzing on caffeine though, but then I rarely do. Nice to have a snuggle and a kiss and a chat with Jan too, since we haven't had much time just together lately. 4lbs on in class, mostly from last week rather than this. That'll 11lbs up from target weight in total. Intend to head back right direction from here on in, which I think means no sins at the w/e so I can drink at Panic and at the beerfest next week. Will just have to eat lots of nice sin free things instead.


... having determined this client works I might as well give it a go for real, and actually write something I guess.

Got to sleep pretty late again last night, although it was worth staying up for it does mean I'm tired again today, and with everyone around me apparently feeling down or quiet I think it's rubbing off on my a little. Was pleased to get mail from an old boyfriend today though, always nice to hear from people. I guess that's the advantage of having a fairly loud internet presence compared to some: people can always find me again. It's not always to easy for me to get back in touch with people more actively, even if I'm not being useless.

Oh cool, radio playing Del Amitri. Nice.

Cold in the office again today. Was surprised again this morning by how nice it can be to cycle in in the rain. Wasn't expecting it to be much fun really but just being dressed sensibly for it makes one hell of a difference, and knowing you've got warm dry things to wear at the far end helps too. Traffic was crap, slight headwind, didn't go very fast (and given stopping distances it would have been foolish to anyway) but it still felt like flying. I'd not give up my cycle commute for anything at the moment.

For once I can't be arsed with the current meme, not sure why, maybe I'll get bored later and change my mind, maybe not. Looking forward to the weekend anyway, looks like being a nice relaxed one: no dashing about places, a bit of housework to do but not too much. Hopefully see friends, have a few quiet drinks, some nice food, and generally just enjoy myself and not worry about anything.
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Is it nearly hometime yet?

I'm tired, and achy and have run out of sensible things to start at this time on a Friday, but don't feel like I can justify going home yet. I suppose I could read random uk email admin newsgroups, but it's dull as dishwater. *sigh*

Oh well, not too long to go.