May 12th, 2003



Tired today, but still getting a reasonble amount done at work, more random perl to automate the spam handling some more. It's looking good now actually. Out to The Venue for dinner with August tonight. I figure that if from tonight I am going to be back on the diet again then I may as well enjoy one last day of eating what I like all the time and do it properly. And I do need to do it before I put any more weight back on, seeing as I'm now back at the 11 1/2 stone mark. It would be all too easy to find myself back 4 stone overweight and miserable about it, better to fix it now while it's still not too much.

Weather's pretty horrid, wonder what it'll be like next weekend, was hoping to have a BBQ if it's nice, since I don't know of anything else that's on.


Yay, congratulations are due. See
on cam.misc. (Google doesn't seem to have it yet).