May 11th, 2003


Weekend ramble

Friday: nice lunch with August, home and some tidying before mum and dad arrived in record time from northern climes and we had a nice takeaway chinese for dinner before collapsing into bed shattered.

Saturday: rather thwarted morning: garden centre didn't have the plants we were looking for, Newmarket Rd was so busy we couldn't get to B&Q and when we tried to nip into Sainsbury's to get some petrol (since my dad had money off vouchers) we found their petrol station was shut. At this point we gave up and pottered off to the Carlton for lunch, and felt much better for it (though my mum wasn't that impressed by the beer). Finally made it to B&Q in the afternoon for more plants and a BBQ, and then when we got home rjk was so knackered he went for a nap while my parents and I planted them out and watered them. All looking good. With Richard being so tired though he'd not been doing very well at making conversation and seemed very fed up and I just felt all a bit stressed. Nice dinner out at Pizza Express though, despite it being very busy, and then we left mum and dad at home and pottered over to the housewarming for a bit. Talked to Mike and his friends for a bit, and discovered they weren't quite as awful as they seemed at first, though they were a bit public schoolboyish. Poor Mike seemed rather embarrassed of them. But he has agreed to come to the Calling with us on Tuesday. Admired August and Karen's new boots, and played with Ross' 5x5x5 rubiks cube, with a certain amount of success: didn't quite have it cracked but was certainly getting there. Nice to see ADW there and apparently relaxed. Daren't talk to him much but glad to see him so much better than he has been. Kissed a sleeping Jan goodnight and headed home around 2.

Sunday: up at a reasonable hour for breakfast in the garden then watching dad and rjk putting the BBQ together before cooking a rather nice lunch on it. Lunch was followed by coffee and chocolates and it was actually really lovely because everyone seemed to be more relaxed and getting on again and it was just such a relief after I've been worrying so much about how well they'd all cope. They left around 3 for the drive home and we pottered over ot French's Rd where we helped pack up a kitchen along with Andrew and August (some left to go but we made a reasonable dent in the work) and then ate pizza and drank wine before starting on the chocolate and eccentric booze collection along with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on video. A terrifying combination, though not as scary as the cocktails which followed. Home now to bed somewhat drunken, but at least not too late. Lots of usenet and things to catch up on tomorrow no doubt. Looking forward to dinner with August again.