May 7th, 2003



Quiet day in the end, drank lots and lots, didn't get much work done. Jan came round in the evening and we had a nice dinner then snuggled on the sofa and drank coffee and ate chocolate and fudge and talked and wibbled. Pleasant way to spend the evening. Time to take more pills now and the go to bed, I feel like I shall both rattle and slosh when I walk.

Goodness, apparently I've now made 400 entries in this journal. Scary.

Spam and perl

Today I have mostly been feeding bits of spam to bits of perl script and persuading the latter to output bits of filters for blocking the former. Getting more and more automated, and pleased with some of the results. Need to work on something to pull the interesting received lines out of a mailbox full of spam though, which looks like an interesting thing to play with for a bit.

In the meantime I've been listening to Radio 2 on the shiny little pocket radio I got free with a bottle of factor 25 suntan lotion in the chemists yesterday (as you do). Steve Wright in the afternoon is still mildly irritating on the wrong channel, and Johnny Walker is still rather better. The music's not bad anyway, and it's easier than juggling CDs all afternoon.