May 5th, 2003



We ended up being a rather smaller party to Peterborough than originally intended, which was a shame, but still had a nice time. X Men 2 was good fun, and I don't think we missed *too* much through not having seen the first one. After that we had some nice chinese sitting out in the garden at Andrea's then walked over to the pub. Nice beer, nice chocolate schnapps and nice whisky in a nice pub, with nice company was a good way to wind down after the rest of the weekend. Then coffee and choccie biccies back at Andrea's before bed.

Got a slightly longer lie-in than we'd been expecting this morning then had a potter round the european market in Peterborough. Bought a summery dress, some liquorice, olives and a couple of other bits and pieces myself, and had a nice wander round looking at everything else then drove back to Cambridge in the gradually brightening day. And I've even tried to ring my mum (answerphone, they must be out), put some washing on and some out to dry and mowed the lawn this afternoon so far, and Richard's now putting our bench together, so we can sit out next weekend if the weather is nice.

Mmmmm dinner

Chicken wrapped in bacon and baked in tomato and herb sauce, with fresh basil to be added at the last minute. Garlic and cheese and mustard mash. Carrots with orange zest, black pepper and butter, and mange tout. And that's just me looking at the weirdo leftover bits and pieces in the fridge to see what I could find. I'm impressed. I hope it all tastes as good as it looks, especially after the cheesegrater demanded blood sacrifice.

Going back to food shopping by internet, since car is currently un-MOTed, so that's how the fridge is being restocked tomorrow. Glad to catch my mum and dad by phone and jaffa on irc. The former are coming to visit next w/e which should be nice, especially if the weather stays good so we can just sit in the garden and potter or something.


The slightly achy tummy I was attributing to a) hunger and b) it being nearly the wrong time of the month seems instead to be another bout of dicky digestion. Damn. Well, I shalln't finish the rest of this wine then. Hope I don't end up having to work from home again tomorrow in order to stay in reach of loo: I feel like I've had a lot of short days lately and I don't want it to look like I'm just slacking. I can't point at anything I've eaten or drunk that's all that likely to have caused it though. Oh well, no doubt it'll be another 12 hour thing. I shall try remember to talk to the doctor about it when I have my next happy pills appointment next week.