May 4th, 2003


Happy birthday, part two/three

Made it to Jesus Green to join the party part two some time mid-afternoon to find they'd got really rather quite ahead start on us. But they did have nice gin. Met Kit, who is lovely, and just as tall as described. And pretty floppy curly hair, bless. J-P and Kate managed to find us and brought Richard's hat along too. Ate and drank and played I have never and then decided it was getting cold and headed back to French's Rd.

The party gradually grew and grew from there on. Jan and I got dressed up, an expedition was made to the chippy, and the drinking continued. And continued. And continued. No way can I name-check everyone who was there. For some of the dafter highlights I will however mention E-J for an impressive bitemark, Simes for martial arts in the garden, Karen and Steve and Ian Snell for pigtails, Kit again for quack moo body as text HORSES and dalmations golly gosh. And Ross and Vicky's housemate Mike is nice *ahem*. At 4:30 or so the remaining hardcore decided it was just the right time to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and so we did. Though half of them seemed to fall asleep. First time I've watched it myself, lovely lovely film. And then it was 6:30 and seemed like a really good idea to go home and get some much needed sleep. A lovely walk home in the early morning sunshine.

Now I'm nursing hangover and bruised neck and blistered foot and looking forward to the afternoon's fun too. Too many weekends like this would be a *really* bad idea, but once in a while they're fun. I only wish Richard had been feeling more partyish. And he did look so pretty in glitter and eyeliner and a tight tshirt. Mmmmmm.
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