April 29th, 2003


The Samaritans

Sometimes it's good to have someone to talk to who isn't involved, isn't going to judge or anything, even if there's not really anything they can actually do. Yesterday I needed it, because I was worried sick about someone I love, and tried the Samaritans, since I didn't know where else to turn at the time. They took a while to answer but they helped. And just writing about things helped too.

The Samaritans <jo@samaritans.org>

Our mailbox is read every day of the year by a
group of trained volunteers - all using the
pseudonym "Jo". Callers are offered absolute
confidentiality and do not lose the right to
make their own decisions (including the decision
to end their own lives). Your messages (and our
replies) will be kept for 30 days at most. You
may ask for earlier deletion of a message.
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Good things

Looking forward to a fun evening out. And feeling perky because I've just had a pretty productive afternoon by my standards lately. W00t! Oh and mozilla 1.3 works with LJ under windows too, so now I have a recent version instead of a really clunky old one.