April 14th, 2003



It's been a good if tiring weekend, but I'm glad I took today off to recover.

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Planning on spending today going zog anyway, though poor Richard decided he couldn't afford the time off work. Short week ahead with easter coming up, and another long drive, this time to Bournemouth to visit rjk's parents. Tuesday with Jan, though I doubt we'll be awake enough for the Calling. Wednesday is Makb3th at the Junction, which sounds mad and interesting. Thursday will be the pub. Feel like I need a break :-)

Big thanks to Andrew though for the driving and the company, very much appreciated.


Nice to have a day off work, especially with the promise of another at the other end of the week too. Got up earlier than strictly necessary, since I figured it would make being sociable with houseguests a bit easier. Only thing wrong with this plan was the inability to offer them anything much in the way of breakfast. There wasn't even really enough milk left for the tea. Sorry about that guys. Was nice to see them both anyway, and they very kindly gave me a lift to the supermarket before heading off too, which was very handy indeed. Though somehow on getting back in the car I managed to simultaneously bang both sides of my head: one on the doorframe and one on the door. Impressive incompetance.

Of course having something to offer August for lunch was a bonus of having got the shopping done, but somehow while he spent a longish lunch break round here we didn't seem to get around to eating. Wonder how that could have happened. Spent the rest of the day alternately geeking and sleeping, and we finally got some washing up done while dinner was cooking. rjk's looking very cute with his new shorter hair, which is cool. Even if he is mid-program on his current project at home and hence rather wrapped up in code.

Looking forward to spending some time with Jan tomorrow evening: while I saw her at the weekend it felt like a bit of a flying visit so to speak. Hopefully will feel like eating enough to cook something nice by that point. At the moment my stomach is being distinctly dodgy, which is not fair. Dunno if it's something I ate or drank at the w/e or what. If it keeps doing it every few weeks like this I'm going to have to talk to the docs about it.