April 11th, 2003


work:weekend plans

Slept badly again last night, and rjk didn't seem to be sleeping much better (I'm not sure if he noticed, but that's presumably why he's tired today too). Having foolishly left myself logged onto various work machines last night it was the easiest thing to just start working from home again, and to be honest I think again I've got more done here than I would have done there, as well as being able to put some washing on and listen to music loud and eat in a more diet friendly way. The cupboards are beginning to look a bit bare mind. Finally cobbled together a halfway decent perl script to do much of the spam processing work, which I am very pleased with anyway. Feel like I've had a genuinely productive week for the first time in ages rather than merely treading water.

No plans as yet for this evening, very nebulous plans for tomorrow and Sunday which merely involve leaving here some time early afternoon in order to arrive in Oxford in time to eat before party, and then back in time for misc m34t preferably, which I guess means leaving by lunchtime or so. Still unclear exactly who and which cars are going, but hey, it all adds to the excitement or something.


It's rare there's an album I get the urge to just play again as soon as it's finished, but this one did it last time I listened to it, and is tempting me again.

Update: aha, but Richard has arrived home with the other Alabama 3 we didn't have yet, so I'll listen to that instead.
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Yay, I've just had the first instance of someone following up to a usenet post, quoting my LJ URL, and telling me to get a life. I wonder if they actually read it?