April 9th, 2003



Why am I so tired? I was going to work from home this morning, but NTL conspired against me, so here I am actually dozing off in my office chair instead. And it's not even comfy.


Drat, well, NTL strike again. Our connectivity came up for a while during the day, but now it's down again. This has the advantage that in poking behind the sofa to reboot the cable modem rjk found my glasses. And it means we can spend the evening doing something other than geeking. Only in Richard's case this seems to be filling out pensions documentation for work, so it's not actually any more sociable than it would have been otherwise. Oh well, perhaps after dinner we'll find something more interesting to do. In the meantime I shall write this in emacs and upload it when I can.

Really was having trouble staying awake in the office until about 3 or so and then I seemed to get on a bit of a roll and have an impressive blitz on the spam that's been building up over the last week or so. Beginning to have an idea of a few more things I can script instead of doing by hand, which should begin to make the current approach more tenable again for a while. We really do need to get the system upgraded so we can use something like SpamAssassin instead though: there's only so much you can do based on the source of mail, and we're doing it, and it's quite clearly not enough any more. We're fighting a losing battle. Still productive afternoon, which left me feeling a bit more positive.

Hope Jan's job interview went well anyway, and that she got there in one piece and not too much stressed.

Aha, and our connectivity is back so I can post this now after all.