April 8th, 2003



Very quiet day at work today: Caroline is on holiday, there's not much happening other than vast hordes of spam, new virus filters ticking away nicely. Arul popped in a couple of times to borrow a book, other than that I've been ensconced with a small pile of CDs all day, working through the spam and catching up on a few bits and pieces. Looking forward to an evening with Jan anyway, even if she is tired and stressed and things. Hope I can make her feel a bit better.

Pretty shattered too, but can't work out why as I seemed to sleep OK last night. Perhaps another earlyish night tonight. Have to decide between dougsoc at pub tomorrow or going to see Shanghai Knights with rjk: only to look for the resemblance of course. It looks like a giggle anyway. Still not decided how we're travelling to Oxford on Saturday. Driving makes most sense, but is Sion coming too, and are we taking our car or his? Wonder about times. No doubt we'll work it out though.