April 7th, 2003


Washing up

OK, you cn tell you really need to do some washing up when your morning coffee ends up in the Charles and Diana wedding mug, because there aren't any sensible ones left.

Happy Pills

Off to the docs soon for another doze of happy pills. Dunno if I need them. Talk to him about it maybe. I seem pretty good at the moment (other than worrying about if rjk is OK, and a bit about work). And I definitely think they must be at least a factor in the weirdness of my sexual responses at the moment (mentally can be very interested but actually getting anywhere is annoying, or even *feeling* much in the way of physical stimulation sometimes, despite it being things which would normally feel *good*). Don't want to assume it's just the pills though or it'd be even more upsetting if things don't perk up once I'm not taking them, IYSWIM.

A reduced dose might be the answer, but I'm bad enough at remembering one-a-day (I seem to have forgotten 2 of them over the last 30 days, judging from how many are left in the packet) and every-other-day I'd just never manage. *giggle* I'd have to set up a cron job to remind me or something.

Update: Pah. Didn't breach subject of effect on sex to doc, just said I was feeling much better, and nodded meekly and agreed when he said it was best to carry on with them for now. He wants to see a prolonged period of being OK before stopping the pills, which makes sense, but I'm such a wimp sometimes. Oh well, it only took about a minute, and then 20 mins waiting in the chemist.


I seem to be alternating between having too many glastonbury tickets and too few with remarkable frequency. It now appears that another one wouldn't go amiss, so if anyone sees on going... (rjk now has first dibs on my second ticket, instead of August, who would still like to go if anyone has one - should have thought to ask him first, instead of just assuming it wasn't his cup of tea).

In other news I *have* to start eating more sensibly again. I've been enjoying having a break from it, but I don't want to go too far the other way either. *sigh* at least I know I can get it back under control if I have to now, but still, not a fun thing to have to live with for the rest of your life if you want to stay thin. But there's a price to pay for everything I guess.

life in snapshots

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Curling up on the sofa after dinner for a while with rjk, FHM and Eliza Carthy was definitely the highlight of today I think. Burnt chilli could have been much worse. Empty inbox seems strange. Time for bed.