April 5th, 2003



Pleasant if shattered evening over at Jan and Sion's yesterday. Figured I'd see how hot the mexican heatwave pizza actually is. Not too bad, but perhaps a little too toasty to eat all the time for my taste anyway.

RJK not very happy at the moment, and he's not sure he can articulate what combination of things it is that's causing it. I can't tell even how much of it is to do with me, and how much with other people or situations. This makes me worry about *everything*, but that can't be helped, all I can do is keep reassuring him and make it clear that if he can put his finger on anything in particular I'll see what I can do about it. *sigh* Just want to make him happy. We did have a very nice lie in this morning mind. *ahem*

Have decided I still need to buy more clothes. The only shorts I own are padded cycle shorts and lilac PVC hotpants, neither of which is really quite right for pottering about on a lovely spring morning. Didn't see any I liked the look of when I was pottering through the Grafton yesterday lunchtime though. Bloody nuisance.
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Nice Day

Nice quiet morning, then cycle ride with August out along the river to Bait's Bite lock, and across the river to Horningsea for a very leisurely lunch at the Crown and Punchbowl followed by G&T in the sunshine, and then pottering back home for coffee. August definitely had the advantage on the rough ground of the towpath, but I made him pay for it by going just a bit to fast for him really when back on the road.

Over to Andrew's new flat around 4 to help him shift the last of the furniture from the van and get the bulk of the unpacking done. It's a lovely flat. Christened it with a chinese takeaway and a bottle of fizzy red that E-J brought over.

Left Andrew and E-J to catch up with each other and some rest and headed over to Lucy's birthday party. Which had nice people and balloons and so on. Home fairly early from that, nice coffee with kahlua in before bed, while admiring rjk's purchases from an afternoon of shopping with Jan. He seems to be really getting the hang of this. And he seems much happier than he was this morning, which is probably the best bit of the lot.
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