March 31st, 2003



The only disadvantage with not having to wear your glasses in order to be able to see adequately most of the time is that this makes it much easier to put them down somewhere and forget where. I checked all the usual flat surfaces at home this morning, but they don't seem to be around. I've checked the desk at work, don't seem to have left them here on Friday. Can't remember the last time I had them, don't think I took them to greenend on Saturday... Running out of ideas.

So if anyone sees a pair of glasses with dark metallic purple frames around anywhere (they look black at a first glance) and fairly small oval lenses, one of which is much stronger than the other, can you let me know. Ta. No doubt they're at home somewhere daft.

wonderful evening

What is it about a nice evening that makes me want to sprint home on the bike as fast as I can make it go? Maybe it's just the feeling of being really alive for the moment. Utterly arrested by the sight of the stars above the house when I stopped to catch my breath before letting myself in.

Seems even more like a date if you meet someone to see a film after work, go straight out to dinner afterwards and then part outside the restaurant with a kiss to make your own ways home. Regardless of the fact it's because it's cold and he doesn't want to make you walk home slowly with him and freeze to death in your sandals and bare legs when you could cycle and be home in less than half the time instead.

Definitely recommend The Rules of Attraction anyway, if anyone's looking for things to go see. A bit bleak in places, but beautifully done nonetheless, right down to the credits in reverse at the end. Was seriously impressed by the cinematography and the way the music was handled.

In other news having told Richard I think perhaps it's safe to admit to the rest of the world that I might be more seriously smitten in other quarters than either I or they had intended. God but it's nice though. I feel like the luckiest person alive at the moment.
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