March 30th, 2003



One of those evenings where miscommunication makes things look worse than they are. For the most part I had a really good time though. And E-J, Jan, Graham, Steve and Simon were all very sweet when things were going pearshaped. Thanks guys.

We did talk when we got home, which helped lots for me, and hopefully at least some for Richard, and got to bed far too late, around 4:30 today's time. Woke up again at 8, and 9:30ish. Finally decided I might as well get up properly since I don't seem to be getting much more sleep. Suspect an early night tonight.

Hey and the beer was excellent. And the reactions to the corset too for that matter.

Feeling better

Spent the afternoon round at August's, since we needed to talk after last night. Wanted to reassure him that though I'd definitely felt a bit jealous I wasn't at all cross at the way either him or Jan had been behaving, and that I was glad they'd had a good time. I'm not very good at dealing with feeling jealous like that I don't think, but I know it's my problem not theirs, and to be honest it's something I can deal with. I hope Jan understands too. If Richard hadn't been having a bad evening, and I hadn't misunderstood some of what it was about, I think I would have just smirked lots at the pair of them.

Anyway, we talked and we didn't talk, and then we did some more of both, and drank coffee and listened to music and enjoyed the sunshine and the breeze. And I think we might understand one another a little better for it, which is always a good thing.
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Mood up and down like yo-yo. Worried about other people being unhappy. Particularly rjk and Jan and Vicky. Don't know of anything I can do to help so feeling useless. Alternating this with mad grinning phase.

Shattered like a very tired thing. Will get an early night in a bit and maybe everything will look OK again tomorrow.