March 28th, 2003



7 minors and not 1 but *2* serious faults. One on the A14: overtaking a lorry, tried to change from 4th to 5th, couldn't find 5th, went to put it back in 4th and ended up in 2nd instead. Should have just not bothered at all really, or been less paniced when I couldn't find the gear. We were only going one junction anyway. Other one was on the A10, turning right into Milton. Saw a gap which was about the same size as one I'd gone through in the lesson before the test, went for it: car turned out to be going rather faster than the previous one had been (tester reckoned it was probably breaking the limit) and it was rather too close.

Minor marks mostly clutch control. Observation perfect :-)

Ah well. Next time. All the best people pass on the 3rd go right?

Update: Bummer, and the next available test date is June 18th. BSM will be looking out for cancellations for me though.


Christ I'm tired. I may have got a decently early night, but I'm sure I might have driven better if I hadn't woken up around 5:30 am. Definitely beginning to really feel it now.
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