March 22nd, 2003


Just what the doctor ordered

Met rjk after work for dinner at the hotpot, which was very pleasant. Sat and chatted about work and networking and such other geeky things but it was nice just to be together. Briefly joined people in the Carlton for a drink, then wandered off home and spent a while flicking through Karen's bound volumes of the 50s fetish magazine Exotique, which are rather fun, before going to bed. It was definitely just what I needed, and apparently what Richard did too.

Looking forward to seeing Jan this evening, in the meantime we have such exciting things as shopping and housework to do.

tired again

Glerg, and despite going to bed before midnight and getting up after 11 (and yes, that's not counting any rude bits) I still seem to have ended up spending Saturday afternoon napping on the sofa again. And feeling rough again. *grumble*