March 21st, 2003


Weekly weigh in

This week I lost 4lb. Surprised it's quite that much: while this has been a good week the one before (when I didn't weigh in) was pretty awful. One more week to go of countdown anwyay and then I'll reassess my target.

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small world

And the world gets smaller. Just found the first of my colleagues who also has an LJ. *waves* So far as close as I've got is fanf who's doing a related job for the CS, kaet who's working for the CL, on a course which is shared with engineering. Wonder who'll turn up next?
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saraphale asked everyone to say something about themselves, so here's something about me.

I'm a hopeless selfish fool, with more optimism than sense, risking loves that mean the world to me for the sake of having met someone new that I quite like, fancy, and want to know better. Yes, I should be able to see someone else without hurting people in the process, but the mere fact of not wanting to hurt them isn't enough, I have to actually behave in a way that isn't hurtful too, instead of just thinking of myself all the time.

I love Richard more than anything, and still intend to spend the rest of my life with him, and I love Jan dearly too. I don't want to risk either of those relationships, not for anything or anyone. I hate to see them in pain and know it's my fault, but saying sorry isn't going to help. Hopefully behaving better will though, and I can show you both I really mean it and it's not just words and guilt.
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