March 20th, 2003



OK, so maybe it's not just a town bike. 23.5 mph, on the flat, no tailwind, 4th gear (of 5). I'm tempted to see just exactly what she can do if I really push her (and get the mudguard fixed so it stops rubbing).

Mind it did show up just how unfit I am.


The trouble with picking lyrics to describe things is coming up with just one set for each thing. Plus the urge to listen to things you don't actually own. As a result I've just ordered 5 albums by 4 artists. I know 3 of the albums well, but don't own them, the other two are more recent ones by people I already know I like. Not expected for a few weeks yet since they're being shipped en masse and one of them is an import. It's all too easy to spend 50 quid with amazon one-click ordering. But hey, at least I spent enough that the postage was free.