March 19th, 2003



Would have liked to spend the evening with Jan, but she obviously wasn't up to it. Feeling bad about having contributed to her feeling bad, no matter how inadvertently. Nice dinner with rjk then popped round for tea and a chat with August and ended up staying til around midnight. Lots of tea, lots of folky music, lots of chat, and a bit of a cuddle and a snog. Beard not as bad as expected, but apparently *he*'s decided it gets in the way too much.

Best go to work now anyway, 9:30 meeting, blech.

brrm brrrm!

Guh, there is something like a chainsaw buzzing intermittently and *very loudly* outside my window this afternoon. Really not what you need when you didn't really get enough sleep. Bit dazed and confused today overall and not getting much work done. Looking forward to evening with Jan though, and hopefully things with rjk a little more understood and ways of making sure he's comfortable with what I'm up to thought about. Now just to stop turning people into frightened bunny rabbits.