March 18th, 2003


Playing the game

Note to self, when trying to judge interest don't take a) boyfriend who immediately sits next to you and b) girlfriend who hence takes space on sofa with, um, well, yes, and proceeds to out-flirt you.

Still, pleasant evening of booxe, giggles, pistachios and innuendo anyway. I may not have a clue who's winning but I like this game.
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Note to self

Cambridge Folk Festival 2003
Brief Info

Thursday 31 July, 03
Sunday 3 August, 03

around £62 for the weekend with difffering prices for day tickets.

Dunno who's on yet, can't seem to find much info on the web, but I think I feel like going this year. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome to.

Peace Meme

Some of you may have spotted the current I wish for peace on livejournal. I'm not sure I believe it does anything much. This war is going to happen no doubt, and wishes won't stop it. But for all I can say I hope it doesn't go on too long, I hope not too many lives are ruined, and I hope above all that it actually does some good. It might, it might not.

I wish we could have had peace, and I wish for it now and always, but I don't believe that wishes come true.