March 17th, 2003



Late into work this morning due to a trip to the doctors Collapse )

Lovely cycle in in the sunshine afterwards. Can't seem to concentrate on work much yet though. Will see how I do after a potter into town to find some lunch. Awful lot of spam this weekend. Pondering the nature and extent of flirting, in myself and those around me, after discovering a friend objects to it far more than I'd ever noticed. Wonder if I do it too much myself? Wonder if I read too much into it from others some times, and perhaps too little at others. Also still wondering about mystery admirer(s). They don't seem to want to identify themselves though.

A bit worried about rjk, since he doesn't seem to cheerful at the moment. My mum and dad were talking about coming down to visit us at some point in the not too distant future, wonder if that means they're talking to him properly again. Kind of not really looking forward to it, just plain awkward. Must post Steph's presents up to them before they head off to Mozambique though.

Too quiet

Grumble. People might dislike open plan offices, but sharing only with Caroline can get awfully lonely if she's out for the day. Still getting not much done. Maybe I could just do with a holiday.