March 4th, 2003



Richard and I have always found it slightly odd trying to count how long we've been going out. We used to basically use two dates to work from: the date when we started seeing each other and the date when we started seeing *just* each other (or rather when we first actually spent time together after deciding that). We're coming up to the latter of those now, and it's 5 years ago this year. But I'm going to have to start thinking about it differently I guess since we're *not* seeing just each other any more. In some ways that seems really sad. In others this anniversary still means more to me than the other. I guess in the awful terminology of polyamory it's when we first became primaries, but I don't want to think about it like that really.

Still, 5 years eh, not bad going at all.


I have to say I've rather enjoyed today's meme du jour. I tried not to take too long thinking about most of my answers, to be honest, to pick things that meant something to me and the person I was talking about, and to do them before I'd read everyone else's attempts. Fascinated to see all the results.

People round for pancakes this evening, and the table is groaning with things to put on them. Oh how I wish I could just say sod the sins and have some of everything, but at least I have low-sin batter for mine.

Feeling wistful on and off all day, on various things. Nice lunch though, and nice shopping trip resulting in 3 books and a skirt to wear on Saturday. Must try do more work in the office tomorrow. Except I have meeting in the morning and driving lesson at lunchtime. Must try to stay calm this week. Am *not* going to cancel this one too.