March 2nd, 2003



Pleasant evening yesterday with dinner in the pub with Sion, Jan, rjk, Owen M, and Art. Nice pudding, mmm, and the discovery that mild is only 3.5 sins per half pint definitely made my day when I looked it up later on. Then over to relativity for ceb's birthday party, at which there were nice people and excellent cake. And also a game called tantrix which was rather nifty. And very silly balloons.

Spent most of today doing sod all. Reading Alastair Reynolds novella Turquiose Days (having read Diamond Dogs yesterday). I think when I've finished it I can justify starting the next Harry Potter, given I've read several books inbetween. Ken Macleod is probably going to wait until the gap between books 2 and 3. Also spent time playing tantrix online at and I fear I am becoming an addict already. They have solitaire puzzles, which I bored of quickly, or you can play against the computer, or have a go against real other people. Requires java but seems to work OK from here, though the game windows seem to open in random sizes and need enlarging before it's playable. Stuffed chicken breasts in the oven for dinner at the moment, with roast new spuds and mashed swede and carrot. All out of sins for this week but I know I can manage OK on weekdays without, so hopefully still on track for another good week. Will aim to get an earlyish night again tonight, otherwise I think I'm going to struggle to face work in the morning.