February 26th, 2003


Tired and emotional

Did cancel driving lesson in the end, absolutely shattered this morning and the thought of doing it was just upsetting me too much: I seem to be a bit of an emotional wreck at the moment and I'm not sure why. Not getting much done in the office, wondering if I ought to have called in sick, but it feels wrong to do it just because I'm bunged up and tired. It's not like we stayed up late or anything.

It's not all bad

Brighter light ahead and not just an oncoming train. Felt much better this afternoon after a break from the office for a cuppa with Dan in the cafe across the road from the department. I'd not been in before, and I'd been vaguely curious as to what it was like, but apparently they sell useful things like jacket spuds so I might have to give it a go for lunch some time when I can't be arsed to walk into town and don't fancy cold beans from the tin from the post office next door. Had a nice long wibble about not much in particular, but it was nice just to have some company for a change, and to talk to someone I've not seen much lately. After that managed to get a handle on the vast heap of spam that's been looming at me all week and get it all stuck in the filters where it belongs. Hopefully should be able to get something useful done tomorrow if I'm up for work.

Toddled home and had dinner with rjk: sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast: my sort of diet food. Then dashed off to the Carlton for a drink with Jan, and then Dan joined us for the pub quiz. Did pretty well at the books section, not as badly as we'd feared on geography, were let down by the football questions from the 70s, did pretty badly on the classic TV ones, and again on the mixed bag at the end. By some miracle though we got 1 point more than the other team in the lounge bar to win with 35/5odd (there were a few bonus points). 3 bottles of stella (not quite our cup of tea), 3 packets of crisps (I let the other two keep mine) and a bottle of wine (which we'll save for later) was our rather magnificent prize for not doing completely awfully. Perhaps we shall have to try again next week. Wonder if we can interest rjk (for the history and geography) and Mike Pitt (for the football). And before we left Dan gave us both a cream egg, cos apparently they were going cheap in the corner shop, so I shall save mine for next week when I have more sins. Nice evening!

Best go straight to bed though if I want this to be even vaguely night though.