February 25th, 2003



Cold seems a bit better today, which I'm glad of mostly for rjk's sake rather than mine, since hopefully it means he won't be ill for long either. Bit headachy again though, I think they're stress related. Can't cancel tomorrow's driving lesson without losing the money (need 48 hours notice) so can't get rid of one thing that's stressing me without wasting 40 quid, which would stress me as much. Work less stressy now I've actually got some things I can be doing, which I didn't earlier this morning which Caroline accidentally left a relevant file locked and it turned out I didn't have a recent perl on the machine I needed one on. At least I know Jan's mostly OK now though, so that's one less worry too, and I had a reasonably non-stressy conversation with my mum last night, which was good. Still want to go hide under the duvet mind.


Sometimes I wish I could just turn my brain off, and not feel hurt by stuff that blatantly ought not to hurt. It doesn't work like that though. Bunged up and fed up with it, planning on getting an early night.