February 21st, 2003



So-so driving lesson this morning. The week's stresses seemed to be getting at me somewhat and I didn't drive very well really. Got the reversing round the corner perfect after 3 disastrous attempts though. More lessons booked for next Wednesday and the one after, hopefully I can calm down by then and have a more relaxed drive. Out of town seemed to be mostly pretty OK though, and the A14 wasn't too horrible. Hate the car though: glance at the blindspot over your right shoulder and the blind spot is *all* you can see in the direction, it's really disconcerting when I've been used to a bike.

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Nearly the weekend now anyway, and looking forward to a break. (And a longer one next weekend too since I've booked next Friday off). Doesn't seem to be much going on on Saturday, so I think I'll throw a smallish party. Not a soireé though, we don't have the nibbles and the posh drinks for it. Um. Should try introduce Ross to August and see if those two and Colin fancy setting up a scots geek enclave, since all 3 of them could do with somewhere a bit closer to town. A lot in August's case, if he doesn't want to commute from Edinburgh: apparently he has 3 flats lined up to view today though.