February 18th, 2003



Mood OKish today, not great but not bad. Meeting rjk for lunch, which in some ways seems daft since we'll just talk about the same old stuff and then he'll have to dash off to get back to work, but at least it's us doing stuff together not just housework. More painting and shopping tonight I think, oh what exciting lives we lead.

Glasto going ahead I see, but tickets not on sale yet, gives me a bit more time to decide if I want to go: current impulse says no. Current impulse is also saying no to going to Whitby, which is an arse when I've asked people to help me organise it. At least if me and rjk dropped out it would be easier for the others to find a place to stay, since the first place I tried had places that would fit 5 or 6 OK, just not 7. Mobbsy has never seemed that keen either mind.

And here's what I think of the Blunt Truth Surveys which are doing the rounds.